Notable stunts! How to extend or lengthen clothes: options and ideas for implementation.

The situation when a beautiful and comfortable article of clothing becomes too tight, everyone knows. It may be associated with weight gain, pregnancy, and improper selection of the washing mode or drying. However, favorite thing can be altered so that it is not only a good fit but will have a new original look.

Stylish clothes for its rockamerica "Site" has prepared for you interesting ideas on how to change settings of clothing and turn things into something beautiful...

How to expand clothing
  1. The thing is wide, and the sleeves become narrow? Use a homemade shoulder straps. They can be anything: lace, embroidered or contrasting fabric.

  2. If your favourite thing was close in width — use sewn side panels. Material for which we can choose the monochrome or the color of the main product.

  3. Contrast, different texture and color inserts not only help to expand the blouse, but will be an interesting decor item.

  4. So you can increase the size of your favorite blouse or tunic. To do this, add the insert on the back or the shelf products.

  5. With pants follow the same scheme: use the side panels along the entire length. From both the outer and from the inner seam.

  6. Early comfortable jeans began to press on my stomach? Do insert in the region of the belt in a side or rear seam.

  7. And that's a great idea to increase the dress in all parameters. I want me one of these!

In our time, to repair and extend the old stuff is not so important: in the heyday of the mass market is easier to buy new clothes than to redo from the old. But sometimes it is very a pity to throw out your favorite thing, I want to update it or refresh. To shorten this files most often is not difficult, but to extend nicely is a little more complicated.

How to lengthen clothes
  1. This is probably one of the most common ways. He looks just great! Add at the bottom of the garment strip of fabric or lace. The color and material depends on your imagination.

  2. Very fashionable trend of this season — a sheer fabric. Place it on the hem of the skirt or a light summer dress.

  3. And it is even more radical transformation of the pants. Open-knit panels placed on the bottom, and in the middle of the product. To enhance the effect, you can decorate with lace pockets and belt. Personally, I really like this option. For girls who love sports style in clothes, you can change the shape of the pants will be knitted cuffs.

  4. If we talk about the blouses and jumpers, the options here a huge amount. The most popular are lace inserts at the bottom of the garment.

  5. Looking at this photo, I immediately wanted to get hold of the same summer t-shirt. For rework you need to do a contrast fabric insert in the middle of the product.

As you can see, it is not always necessary to throw a tight shirt or too short skirt, especially when it comes to your favorite clothes. Use these simple but clever stunts and stay in trend!

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