15 vegetable crops that can be grown again on the windowsill

Everyone knows that vegetables grow from seeds. But not everyone knows that there are many vegetable crops that you can grow from leftovers and scraps. Only requires water, a suitable container, sunlight – and you will provide yourself with organic fresh herbs from the comfort of home.

We present to your attention 15 vegetable crops that you buy once in the market, and then no end can grow on the windowsill.

1. Carrot tops

Carrot tops can be grown from cut off tops of carrots. Just put these tops in a container with a small amount of water and place on window sill or balcony.

2. Garlic

Green sprout emerges from each garlic clove. Simply place the cloves in a small Cup with a small amount of water, and greens, let them grow. Garlic arrows have not such a sharp taste, like garlic, they can spice up pasta, salads and other dishes.

3. Green onions

Green onions grow easily. It should be cut off approximately 2-3 inches from the roots and put in a glass of water.

4. Leeks

It is grown in the same way as green onions. You just cut it to about 4-5 inches from the roots and placed in a container of water.

5. Onions grown in a vertical position

With scissors make some holes in a big plastic bottle, fill it with earth potting and don't forget to put inside the onions. The crop you provided.

6. Celery

For new crop, use a base of celery. First put it in a container of water for three days, and then plant in the ground.

7. Basil

A new plant is grown from cuttings. The water should be changed daily so that the cuttings covered with mucus.

8. Lemongrass

Place the root tips into a glass of water and put it on the window sill. After about three weeks, the roots will go to growth, and then they need to be planted in a pot with soil.

9. Lettuce

Lettuce can be grown from the bottom of the head of the plant. Just put it in a container, the bottom of which is a small amount of water. As soon as you start to grow new leaves, put the plant in potted soil.

10. Sweet potatoes \ Sweet potatoes

You can grow sweet potatoes in a jar on the windowsill, where can easily penetrate the sunlight. After a few days you will see that there are new sprouts.

11. Ginger

To grow ginger, you have to take fresh root and plant it in a pot, partially covered with earth.

12. Bok-Choy\ Chinese Kale

Simply place the tip of the root of the cabbage in the water. Two weeks later, transplant it into a pot with soil. Soon you will grow a new plant.

13. Cilantro

For growing cilantro take the cut off the stems and put them in a glass of water. When they grow sufficiently, they are transplanted into the ground.

14. Bow-feather

Less than five days to grow a full plant from scraps. Cut stems approximately 2-3 inches from the roots and place them in a Cup with a small amount of water. The glass is put in a well-lit place.

15. Rosemary

The tops of the shoots, long 5-6 cm, placed in a glass of water and soon get a great flavorful seasoning for many dishes. The plant is so popular that you will definitely find a use for it.published


Translation: Svetlana Bodrick


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