The conference room in the trees - Treehouse

Is it possible to encourage "green thinking"? According to the consortium of four Belgian companies to sharpen the perception of environmental problems and to enhance cognitive abilities for finding quick and effective solutions for them, just enough to climb the tree.

However, due to the fact that decisions in our world are very important people, to force them to climb the branches, it's probably not the best idea. On reflection, the consortium members have developed a project of a comfortable conference rooms on trees Treehouse, worth visiting VIPs will not be difficult. Hall built by German architectural Studio Baumraum, who already had a previously similar experience. Now to rent a place on the tree for effective brainstorming environmental issues can anyone.

Treehouse built in the forests of the Belgian province of Hechtel-Eksel. It consists of two vast wooden eco-cabins, United in a single architectural and functional complex. Cabins are located on different levels. They are United by a series of open terraces and stairs, enveloping the trunks of trees. The cabs themselves are not fastened to the trees and are mounted on steel piles.

The main hall – the hall for meetings. It can accommodate up to 25 people. Just below is another room with Seating, pantry, restroom and technology room.

Unlike tradition, the hall for the meeting are not equipped with anatomical seats, where it is convenient rather to slumber than to think intensively. There's not projection screens and office chairs. But there is enough space and there are wide Windows with a beautiful view of the forest. The participants are seated on benches around the room facing each other.

As senior architect Baumraum, Andreas Wenning (Andreas-Wenning): "the Sustainable features of the Treehouse include good environmental isolation and a very efficient heating system. We used only certified timber".

Among modern eco-technologies used in Treehouse – an underground heat pump providing space heat or coolness depending on the time of year. Thus, to maintain comfortable conditions in a forest are not required to burn fuel. Additional energy savings provides energy-saving led lamps.

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