Dallol - the gates of hell?

In the field afar, which is located in the desert in Ethiopia, is located the hottest place on the planet — the area of Dallol. Here, at a height of 48 m below sea level, is one of the most mysterious volcanoes in the world — Dallol volcano. Despite the fact that the average annual temperature in this area is 34 degrees, in this earthly hell still inhabited by indigenous people — aggressive and silent people tribes.

Dallol has long attracted the attention of researchers for its unusual landscapes, reminiscent of alien landscapes, hot mineral springs. In addition, there is the largest Deposit of potassium salts, forming immense plains surrounding the volcano. Salts washed out of the underlying layers on the surface of thermal waters and quickly kristallizuetsya in bizarre formations of various shapes and color. Around the crater of hills a height of 50-60 meters, it was expected that the remains of the destroyed walls of the crater, however, the exact nature of them no one knows.

At the beginning of the last century, first the Italians, then the Americans, attempts were made to establish production of salt in the Dallol. However, 50 years later, this action was completed. Moreover, harsh climatic conditions were not conducive to a fun, productive work, and the local population, strongly hindering the work of outsiders, to discourage all attempts of modern studies of the volcano.

There is a theory that a volcano of Dallol — the gates of hell-holes that were described by Enoch the Ethiopian in the ancient manuscript "Book of Enoch". According to this scholar, making history in the 1st century BC, the end of the world will be called to break into our world of the void, which will consume it with fire. Also in the records of the Patriarch mentions the harsh people that guards the gates of hell. Despite the fact that Enoch does not indicate the geographical position of this terrible place, some scientists it is logical to assume that this may well be the Dallol: Enoch the Ethiopian? Ethiopian. Dallol — the hottest place? Exactly. Tribes — like Cerberus? Of course. So there is some common sense in the theory of these scientists.

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