"Experimentanium" is a science can be interesting

Two thousand square meters of exciting leisure activities, three examples, more than two hundred interactive exhibits that are not hiding behind the Windows — all is a unique Museum of popular science and technology "Experimentanium". This science adventure centre, where visually and clearly demonstrates the laws of science and phenomena of the surrounding world. I want to test the conductivity of various items, start cloud to the ceiling, draw intricate patterns with the help of a pendulum? Just give me your hand to turn, rotate, spin, push, pull, push and see firsthand how the particular law of science.

Through interactive exhibits, each visitor can feel like a real Explorer, "touch" the science is personally building bridges without a single nail, watching the birth of a tornado, look into infinity, create lightning, make fly magnet, versed in a variety of puzzles and carry out a lot of new discoveries.

The permanent exhibition is devoted to such branches of physics as mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism, acoustics. In a separate hall are the anatomy, various optical illusions and puzzles. Not to get lost in the maelstrom of interesting help signs with the explanation accompanying the exhibits, so feel free to travel the world of science is completely on their own. When something is not clear, hurry to help friendly guides.

Spend an unforgettable leisure time here, not only children but also adults: exploring the science and history of its development in this form leave no one indifferent.

For those who are tired and hungry, a café, and those who prognetsya to continue experimenting at home — be sure to visit the shop where you can buy a chemistry set, intellectual games, puzzles, encyclopedia. In addition, the Museum offers a powerful excursion programs are designed to deepen knowledge in a particular scientific field.

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