External airbags to protect pedestrians

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world, but even there in 2012 in road accidents were affected more than 18 thousand persons, 274 of them were killed. Here's to a little lower this statistic, the company and TNO have developed airbags that are on the outside of the car.


In recent years, several companies have presented their developments on the installation of airbags on the exterior of the car. As examples it is possible to bring the car back iSAVE YOU or technology Easpace. But they are designed to protect against the consequences of collision that is the cars themselves. But the company TNO has found a way to protect the pedestrian!

By order of the Ministry of transport and infrastructure of the Netherlands, the company TNO has developed an airbag that is under the hood of the car and is triggered in the moment when a car collides with a pedestrian or cyclist.



Usually in such cases, the pedestrian falls onto the windshield of the car, injure yourself and the person inside. But the opened airbag may in this case to protect the downed man as the driver. However, crash tests conducted by TNO shows that 100 percent of such airbag is triggered only in cases when the vehicle is moving at a speed not exceeding 25 kilometres per hour. If you increase this indicator to 40 km/h on the surface of the hood, a pedestrian can already damage the weight of his body windshield of the car and severely hurt themselves or even break some bones.

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