iSAVE YOU — the safest car in the world

Traffic accident is one of the most common causes of deaths and injuries worldwide. However, now began to appear prototypes of machines, which in principle can not bear any threat to humans. iSAVE YOU is one of the first such safe cars. Most modern cars have built-in airbags. But the iSAVE YOU electric vehicle created by a young Japanese company Humanix, has a huge number of them, and not inside, and outside. The fact that the body of this electric car are upholstered with a special safety layer composed of sponge and fabric. This material will protect the car from crash damage, much of their softening, and even automatically take their original shape a few seconds after the end of external influence. Moreover, it will allow to save not only drivers and passengers of cars-participants of road accidents, but also pedestrians. Indeed, in the case of a collision with such cars, they can face a maximum of bruises and contusions.


Due to the above facts, the vehicle iSAVE YOU can be called "the safest car in the world." However, you should take into account the fact that all technical characteristics, this is not a complete machine, but rather, electric Golf car, which has a very small size and a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The maximum range of a trip on one full battery charge at iSAVE YOU is 50 kilometers. These characteristics are very modest, so that every motorist must decide for himself, that he is more important — speed or security. However, as promised by the employees of the company Humanix, in the future, the car iSAVE YOU can get much more serious technical parameters.


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