Created unique covers for iPhone 5

PureGear company that produces accessories for mobile devices, has designed a cool series of covers Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5, combining a high-tech gadget with low tech games 1970-80-ies. Creative covers Retro Game Cases entertain without use of your phone, it will help you to kill boredom even when you fully discharge the battery of the gadget.

Collection of covers-games Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 consists of three models: Groovy and aMAZEing, and Undecided. Groovy contains a concentric maze that requires you to collect three balls in the center, and is made in bright shades of blue and green. aMAZEing is a traditional maze in which you must guide the ball to the exit, and assembled from the elements of turquoise and red colors. Undecided is an amazing mixture of games of Pinball and the Magic 8 Ball to help make the decision depending on the place of landing, running the ball and enclosed in a case in the alluring shades of orange and pink. The appearance of sleeves Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 on sale is expected in spring 2013.


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