Smart speedometer with a navigation system and a speed control

It often happens that the driver did not see the speed limit sign, and went to, say, 80 km/h, while allowed only 60 km/h. If so, the minimum problem that it can happen to you is meeting with the inspector, who will write for him a fine in the worst case, an accident waiting to happen.

Agree that even a fine is not very nice. According to this, you need to carefully follow the road signs! To see at what speed the car is moving, allows the speedometer. We are accustomed to the fact that the speedometer is just the thing that displays the speed at which you move. Yes, it is, of course, invaluable, but the designers Gao Fenglin and Zhou Buyi have decided to improve it!

If previously, in order to get to certain places you had to know the way or have a paper map, you now have a navigation system that is failsafe in the path. Now the speedo has its own GPS system. It has the navigation, and always keeping track of where exactly your car is located, moreover, to map built-in speed limit.
When you are in a particular way – the program records the speed, which is allowed at this location and marks it with a red line. If the speed is exceeded, the entire plot of the exceedances (e.g., from 60 to 80) will be marked in red on the speedometer.

With such "smart" speedometer you will not be exact problems with speeding, and the other characters still have to follow!

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