Top 5 most dangerous resorts of the world

        1. Libya

In Libya, there are ruins of ancient cities that lure tourists. But in the country to die from the heat, unsanitary conditions or offensive. Unfortunately, in Libya for many years not stop military clashes.

        2. Brazil

Every year in Rio de Janeiro to spend Carnaval, which refers to the bright world holidays. Furthermore, in Brazil many beautiful tropical beaches that beckon those who like to swim in the ocean. But the country has a rather high crime rate and tourists at every step risk of being robbed.

        3. South Africa

You need to adhere to the advice of travel agencies and not out in the country to one — then to avoid the adventure is not too difficult. Indeed, in South Africa the high level of accidents on the roads, and locals often take the value of wandered in the poor neighborhoods of tourists.

        4. The Republic Of Haiti

This country will please the eye of the mountains, sea, ocean, and the stomach – seafood. But going to Haiti, you may be witnessing the earthquake, sick with cholera, or of being robbed by the locals.

        5. Everest

The highest mountain peak on Earth – Everest (8848 meters) is interested in the thousands of climbers. The temperature at the top it slows down to -60 degrees Celsius, and the wind speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour.

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