Biking is the best recovery from a heart attack

British scientists published the results of his research and encouraged office workers to change cars to bicycles. Just six km daily, which managers overcome by using two-wheeled friend, lowers the risk of heart attack by 50%.
Scientists from the British medical Association (Вritish Mуdical Assоciation) called on all those who have a sedentary job, to ride a bike. b72b8aca94.jpg

Distance 30 km, which overcomes the person driving the bike for five days (six miles a day – 3 in the morning to work, 3 – back home in the evening) lowers the risk of heart disease by 50%. The study authors came to this conclusion after studying the health status and the influence of the Cycling at 10,000, whose work suggested a sedentary lifestyle in the office, sitting at a computer.


Cycling (and swimming, and Jogging) refers to the so-called cyclic loads. Such loads are very useful for the heart muscle, which when playing the mentioned sports strengthened particularly effective. Scientists also remind us that Cycling is a great tool for weight loss. Hour at a moderate pace burns 300 calories.

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