3 the most healing honey varieties

The honey is very interesting meaning. The word means enchantment or something that has magical properties. And this is not surprising as this is the only product that can heal any disease, to give wisdom and youth. We present three of the most curative honeys.

1. Buckwheat honey

Considered one of the best among all the varieties of honey. Its taste will never be confused with any other: he now and then tickles your throat when you try it. Buckwheat honey is much darker than all the other varieties: its color varies from dark yellow to dark brown. It is produced by bees from the flowers of buckwheat. If to carry out comparison of buckwheat honey with a light honey, it is two times richer in trace elements and amino acids, and therefore the most useful. The benefits of this huge honey: treats anemia, hypertension, beriberi, stomatitis, gastritis, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, restores protein metabolism. Buckwheat honey is often used in cooking as a component of the test, the basis for compotes.

2. Linden honey

Its characteristic feature is the absence of color or light amber color and extraordinary fragrance. This honey is characterized not only excellent taste, but also healing. Depending on where it was grown honey, he has a completely different taste. So, Linden honey, harvested in the far East, differs delicate taste, and one that was brought from the European part of Russia, is characterized by spicy flavor, when the taste and aroma noticeable in the mouth, tickle the throat. This honey is indispensable in the treatment of angina, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, catarrh, kidney diseases, stomach and intestines, of burns and wounds.

3. Acacia honey

This is truly the most well-known variety of honey. One hectare of acacia blossoms allows the bee to collect more than 1,500 pounds of honey. And one by one bee family gathers up to 8 pounds of the product. In fact pumping this honey is colorless, and during the crystallization gradually acquires a white tint. The characteristic difference between the honey that the contents of glucose and fructose in almost equal.

Acacia honey is used as a General tonic, helps with gastrointestinal, renal diseases, diseases of the nervous system. It is also an excellent remedy for insomnia and a sedative.

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