The three most dangerous active volcanoes in the world

Recently it became known that the volcano Shiveluch, which is located on Kamchatka again has intensified dramatically and threw into the sky a column of ash height of 6 km. We decided to bring a list of other active volcanoes, is able to give people huge problems.
Italy, Mount Etna.
This volcano is the highest and most dangerous in Europe. Not once in the recent history of Italy lava flows threatened the residents of Sicily. On average, the volcano spews lava every three months. In 2008, a large eruption of mount Etna lasted for a year. On top of the volcano there are four active crater. The eruption of lava fragments are ejected to hundreds of metres up, and then settle in to the idea of solid slag on the slopes of the volcano.

Indonesia, Merapi.
This volcano erupts regularly and regularly leads to the death of a large number of people who consistently settle its slopes. In 2006, five thousand people were killed and more than two hundred thousand were left homeless following a large eruption. In 2010 again there was a strong eruption, but fortunately, the majority of residents had to be evacuated, so great there were no casualties.

Mexico, Popocatepetl
Is this sleeping killer just 70 kilometers from Mexico city, home to nine million people. This volcano is the most dangerous among the volcanoes of Mexico. The last eruption in 2000 forced to evacuate tens of thousands of people and has even led to melting of glaciers. From the Nahuatl name of the volcano Popocatepetl translates as Smoking hill.

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