How to choose the color of eyeshadow to Your eyelids?

White color

Make Your view open, give volume. But, when applied to the eyelid, can "harden" the look and appear unnatural.


The only drawback to this color is that it is a bit "tired" look.

Black color

Will make your eyes expressive, but is not suitable for everyone. It will visually reduce the volume to which it is applied, and can narrow your eyes. If misused, dark shadows can greatly darken the look.

Beige color

Can be used as a basis for a different tone. Besides, if you apply the eye shadow, the color of which will seem too bright and flashy, you can make it softer by adding a shade of beige.


A lighter shade can make the eyes look deep, but is not suitable for every eye color. For example, blue eyes is quite difficult to emphasize using brown color. Dark brown is suitable for brown or black eyes, but only if you add to it a little red tint.

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