Tylt Energi 2K: convenient network adapter with built-in battery

The problem of rapid discharge of modern mobile devices — a bad moment for the user. Smartphone battery is always discharged at the most inopportune moment, when an urgent need to call, send a text message or check email.

Everyone wants a smart phone with a large screen, oblivious to the fact that the screen is bigger, the smartphone consumes more energy.

On Kickstarter a campaign for an interesting gadget, it is a network charger and a spare battery in one housing. The device is called Tylt Energi 2K. When Tylt Energi 2K is connected to the network is a regular charger for your smartphone or tablet, at the same time, its internal battery is also charging.

Disabling the Tylt Energi 2K, it is possible to take with you and charge a mobile device where there is no access to the electricity grid.

The cost of the Tylt Energi 2K will not exceed $ 40. The developers expect to collect 50 thousand dollars to start its serial production, 20 thousand dollars has already been collected.

Source: zeleneet.com


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