The European aircraft by 2017, due to Internet


Telecommunications company Inmarsat determined to provide broadband Internet planes that operate within the European countries. For this task can be launched into orbit a new communications satellite, Europasat, which will operate in S-band. The satellite will actively interact with the existing network of ground stations across Europe. Such access to the Network will be available to passengers in commercial and business class.

To reduce costs in Inmarsat is ready to create together with the satellite Hellas-Sat, which will allow both companies to use their hardware. Previously reported that the launch of Europasat should occur in 2016, and the launch of the access Network on the plane will be made in 2017.

Means that Inmarsat is ready to allocate for the construction, launch and insurance of a satellite is 200 million dollars. It is expected that within 3 years the project will has been warranted fully. Among the other functional side of the Internet there is a possibility of interaction of this network with the rescue services.



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