Grapes "Ruby Roman" worth $ 4,000

Ruby Roman is a variety of table grapes that are grown strictly in the Japanese Prefecture of Ishikawa. First appeared on the market in 2008, the grapes thoroughly test their quality. Each grape red color size with a ball for ping-pong, must not weigh more than twenty grams, and sugar content should be more than 18%. For example, in the grapes "luxury apartments" each berry should weigh 30 grams, and the whole bunch – at least 700 grams.

In 2010, only six grapes fits the standard "premium". In 2011, none of the variety was not up to standard. In July 2013, only a bunch of varieties of "Ruby Roman" was sold for $ 4,000, i.e., each plump scarlet berry cost as much as $ 110.



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