Stars build their parent nebula, and then destroy it

Astronomers at the European southern Observatory (ESO) have discovered a surprising phenomenon: the young stars first build of its parent nebula, and then destroy it.

The researchers received the of the dust cloud Gum 15 in the constellation of the Sails on the 2.2-meter telescope MPG/ESO Observatory La Silla in Chile in the framework of the program "Space treasures ESO". This program is not scientific but educational. Her goal – getting on the telescopes high quality pictures "interesting, intriguing, or just beautiful space objects" (as written by the astronomers on the program). For her, use the time at which for any reasons it is impossible to conduct scientific observations. Images the program can also be used for scientific purposes; astronomers can access it via the ESO science archive.

In the picture cloud Gum15 clearly visible HII region in which active born young stars. In this region is lots of ionized hydrogen, and it creates for a few million years, about a thousand stars. As it turned out, in the end, a stellar wind with born stars vyleplivaet bizarre shapes of the surrounding gas, and the radiation of the stars it illuminates. Since young stars are building the appearance of a nebula. However, ultimately, her up and destroy her as soon as the most massive stars to end their life, they explode in a supernova and spread the stuff of nebula in space.

According to the materials of ESO



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