Parking meters solar powered

The Moscow authorities are continuing the transition to "green" technologies. Until the end of the year in the capital of Russia should receive the 444 Parking meter solar powered


Install them before December 20 outside the Garden ring. Purchase and installation will spend about 280 million rubles. Parking meters will make Parking tickets gku "administrator of the Moscow Parking space", Bank Visa and MasterCard credit cards, including contactless PayWave and PayPass.

We will remind that since August 1, the paid Parking zone increased by 153 streets between the Garden ring and Third transport ring (TTR), and by December 25, it can cover almost all the streets within the TTC, where you will first mark 25 thousand cars.

All Parking meters will be equipped with protection from skimmers, to prevent the possibility of theft of data from magnetic strip banking cards. If necessary, the devices will be able to work on solar batteries up to five days. In the darkness of the Parking meter can be seen on the reflective Parking lot sign.
Note hour Parking within the Boulevard ring and in "city" costs to motorists in 80 RUB., between the Boulevard ring and Garden ring — 60 rubles, for the Garden is 40 RUB.



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