Discovered evidence that Neanderthals had abstract thinking


The first reliable evidence that Neanderthals had abstract thinking, discovered by scientists on the stone floor of one of the caves in Gibraltar. A figure representing eight deep furrows on the area of 300 inches, found in the cave of the gorhi group of scientists from the Gibraltar Museum.

Geochemical analysis showed that the drawing was made at least 39 thousand years ago. In this cave, scientists found a large number of animal bones and the remains of hearths who belonged to the “Neanderthal” period. Scientists believe that Neanderthals lived in the cave, gorh for 1 thousand years.

The finding once again proves the inconsistency of ideas about the Neanderthals as a ferocious underdeveloped hominid. Recently scientists have proved that they know how to cook, hunted by the simplest of tools, and also used in food plants. However, no reliable evidence that Neanderthals were able to portray abstract paintings, still not there.

Empirically, the archaeologists were able to ascertain that the lines have been drawn specially. For creating the figure of the ancient inhabitants of the cave had to put 188-214 touches on the plate. According to scientists, the image was carrying some kind of information.



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