Mother and stepmother: the plant healer

Mother-and-stepmother – one of the most famous medicinal plants. Grass is very common in the middle latitudes, it is quite undemanding, grows in woods, on riverbanks, in ravines. The original name was due to the structure of the sheet – the top of its smooth and rough, and the bottom – soft, fluffy and even warm. When the mother and stepmother blooms, its flowers resemble a dandelion.


This herb has long been used to treat a number of diseases. The mention of this plant can be found even in the writings of Avicenna. Ancient scholar describes several healing properties of mother and stepmother. The Latin name of the plant sounds like Tussilágo, that is, "Callahan". This indicates the main purpose of the grass – long since it was treated by diseases of the lung and larynx. Mucus, polysaccharides, essential oils help to soften the cough, remove phlegm, relieve sore throat.

In addition, the plant contains a whole bunch of nutrients. Leaves mother and stepmother contain carotene, inulin, vitamin C, bitter glycoside, phytosterols and other substances. The composition resembles a drug than weed. Mucous and tannins help with any diseases associated with damage to the mucous membranes. This is gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis.

Mother-and-stepmother has a high-quality antimicrobial action. For colds and bronchitis she acts like aspirin – can cause sweating, kills germs. Often mother-and-stepmother is used as the disinfectant, toothache, gingivitis, colds, ulcers.

Grass mother and stepmother has a slight diuretic effect, so it treated kidney disease, but also alleviate the symptoms of hypertension. The rich composition leaves mother and stepmother makes it very popular in cosmetology. It is possible to significantly improve the condition of hair, the plant included in anti-aging skin creams.

For medical procedures the mother and stepmother used in many different types. Most often it is the broth – a small amount of chopped herb brewed with boiling water and insist. However, for the treatment of skin diseases, wounds, burns, ulcers, has long been used a paste of crushed leaves mother and stepmother. You can also use the juice squeezed from the leaves of plants – it is very effective when vitamin deficiency. For this the leaves are crushed, squeezed from the pulp juice is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:1 and bring the solution to boil. Interestingly, in ancient times for the treatment of severe cough or asthma used smoke from the leaves is made a special cigarette from a mother-and-stepmother.

Mother and stepmother is undoubtedly useful, but the use and dosage it is best to consult with your doctor. In addition, there are cases when the use of the plant is contraindicated. During pregnancy the herb may cause miscarriage. Also the plant is not recommended in severe hepatic diseases, or excessive.published

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