The smallest mammal on Earth

Dwarf mnoGoSearch is a special animal because it is the smallest mammal. The weight of the rodent is slightly more than 1 gram!

Appearance Tiny animal looks very cute. MnoGoSearch similar to a conventional mouse, but her muzzle is more extended, and something resembling a proboscis. The length of the largest specimen is 4.5 cm. A notable feature of a rodent is the heartbeat. A second heart beats 25 times. Tail mnoGoSearch is equal to the length of the calf. The animal is covered with brown soft hair.

A tiny mouse loves the warm tropical climate. MnoGoSearch inhabits the coastal zone of Portugal, Malta, France and Greece. Rodent also lives in the countries of Asia – India, Sri Lanka, China.

Baby prefers to hide in rock crevices and old buildings. Rodent burrows or in shelters populated by other animals. MnoGoSearch prefers to live near human dwellings. This tiny animal leads a nocturnal life.

Food MnoGoSearch eats worms and insect larvae. If the baby feels hunger, she may eat a small lizard or frog.

The miniature mammal of great benefit to man because it eats garden pests and garden.published


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