How to grow gorgeous fern on the windowsill

A fabulous story about this marvelous plant known to us at the school lessons of literature. In the folklore works of N. In. Gogol in all colors describes the legend of a fern, the flowering of which occurs on the night of the pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala. Lucky enough to see a unique spectacle, that become rich and powerful.

Here is another beautiful idea. Associate it with a young virgin that had fallen from a cliff. On the spot where the girl died, there was a spring with healing water, and her hair was a luxuriant fern leaves. These stories were passed down by people since ancient times.

But all this is just tales. Talk about real: how to grow this flower at home?

Reproduction.Ferns reproduce in two ways – disputes, secluded hidden under a leaf plate and dividing overgrown roots. The first way is very difficult, requires a lot of time and experience. But the second will suit even the gardener-beginner. A small spine with several carved leaves with proper care will soon catch on and after a couple of weeks throws young furry hands, which directly turned into a gorgeous Lacy leaves that resemble the greenery of the exotic palm trees.

Care.Favorable place for the successful growing of ferns are considered to be the Western and Eastern rooms (Windows), since the flower does not tolerate direct sunlight. It likes humidity and frequent wetting. Dry soil is devastating. In this case, the beautiful leaves wither, and soon the plant dies. It can save a small trick. You want to expose Bush pruning dead wood and move the pot for 2-3 hours in a bowl of water. Root has amazing survivability. He greedily quenches thirst and restores their strength. Just as detrimental fern drought, is not suitable to him, and overflow. Do not allow standing water in the pan and wetlands in the pot. From this arises a threat of the decay of the underground part, and the crown is covered with ugly brown spots.

Feeding.In the period of intensive growth of ferns asking feeding. The ratio of a pile of manure warming substances is as follows: in 1 liter of settled water is added 1.5 g of ammonium nitrate, 1 g potassium salt and 1.5 g of superphosphate. Solution is injected directly under the roots in late spring or summer. In the rest of the year to fertilize the soil necessarily.

Special conditions.One more indispensable condition for luxuriant growth of ferns is to ensure its own space. In other words, the flower pot set, where the spreading leaves will feel at ease, enjoying their privacy. If I may say so, the fern does not like to disturb the boundaries of personal territory. The reaction is unpredictable. It can "buck" to stop the growth, change the color to dim color, abelcet or even die.

Finally, I will denote types which differ in their complaisance, and do not cause much trouble. Easy to grow considered Cyrtomium, Davallia, Cretan Pteris, Nephrolepis, Asplenium female Pelleya rotundifolia. For hanging pots will fit the drop-down species of Nephrolepis, Adiantum. By the way, Nephrolepis is very demanding on space. The same character and have a variety of Kostenets nesting, humpback Blechnum. Caprice is balanced by the gorgeous foliage that will transform even the most featureless room.published


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