How to wash cashmere coat

Cashmere since ancient times, was expensive and rare cloth. Now things made from it are of good quality and neat appearance with proper care.

But what if, for example, cashmere coat appeared spot? It is possible to wash.

Cashmere fabric is made from down mountain goats. They are light but retain heat well. As for getting hair requires specific climatic conditions and technology, natural cashmere still remains an expensive material.

It is made from a variety of garments, shawls from thin to thick coat. The disadvantage of this material include its demands careful care.

Since the coat is outerwear, which need not be washed frequently, you can, if necessary, occasionally take it to the dry cleaners. Handling such a difficult fabric will be expensive, but you will be confident in the result.

In addition, there are ways of washing a cashmere outerwear at home. Note that the Laundry needs to be done manually. Even the most delicate cycle of the machine can cause shrinking things and the formation of surface "pilling".

Also, read the label sewn to the coat. Some types of cashmere products allow only dry cleaning. In this case, can not erase them.


If your coat appeared single spot, and recently, you can try to wash it with cold water without washing. If that doesn't work, then it will have to apply detergents.

1. Buy washing powder suitable for hand washing delicate woolen fabrics. You can replace it with regular shampoo.

2. Prepare the water, its temperature must be eye thirty degrees.

3. Dissolve it in detergent so as to form a light foam.

4. Dip the coat into the water. Do not RUB the wool, and gently crease her hands in the soapy water.

5. After washing, thoroughly rinse the fabric in cold water.


The thing is, you must properly dry. Don't hang it on ropes or hangers — this fabric can stretch. It is best to lay the coat on a dry cotton cloth to drain the water, change the fabric to straighten the thing and keep it to dry that way.

Subject to the accuracy of the coat don't even need to iron.published

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