Unique side waterfalls

The iguaçu falls, is perhaps the most famous in Argentina, but Mokona can rightfully wear the title of most unique natural phenomenon of this type. This unique waterfall stretches along the mouth of the river for three kilometers. It is believed that Mokona is the world's only waterfall that is located parallel to the river, into which it flows.

Mokona (the second name of the waterfall – Hukuma) is located on the Uruguay river. It is quite a major waterway, and acts as a kind of border zone between Argentina and nearby Brazil. By the way, it is because of this unusual location of the waterfall he had two names. Argentines call this natural wonder Mokona (Swallow all), and Brazilians — Ukuma (a Huge waterfall).

It is worth noting that the river Uruguay is different from hundreds of other similar rivers in the presence of a flooded canyon which can be found at its base. It was established in the days of global cooling, when the climate was dry and the river very narrow. Scientists have found that at the deepest point, the canyon goes down more than a hundred meters, but despite this it is seen only in a few places, including Mokona.

However, this is a fascinating phenomenon has a quite simple explanation

The bed of the Iguazu river is geologically diverse and has multiple levels. The lower level is a canyon with a length of almost 3 kilometers, which stretches along the river.


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