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At all times, it was assumed that the younger generation is not something that the previous. So think today. "Well, young people now go" - like to grumble elderly

. We are in the Website have decided to find out, and it changed a lot over the past 100 teenage years. For obvious reasons, we are unable to compare their personal qualities, but because of the preserved photographs we will be able to evaluate the appearance of young men beginning of XX century.

Algeria d571bf9dac.jpg

These photos have been a popular subject for postcards.

Germany 6be3146c77.jpg

In the photo from left sealed sister Gertrud and Ursula Falke.

Nepal and China eb31a0523f.jpg

England a220f8ec9d.jpg

left: schoolgirl from Kensington, London, accidentally fell into the lens of the photographer
. right: a group of children and adolescents sent to the Serpentine lake in Hyde park to go fishing.

Scotland and Ireland 6c44cded5a.jpg

Photo right - one of the first color photos of Ireland, made around 1913. It depicts 14-year-old girl in traditional clothing.

Romania and Albania 120298c99f.jpg

On the right photo captured two Albanian girls 13-14 years old. One of them (the one on the left) in the future will be known as Mother Teresa.

Japan 14598dd5e7.jpg

Left maiko (geisha future) resting on . balcony
right: Fukuoka school pupil - it is there for the first time there was a well-known "sailor" school uniform.

Argentina and Mexico 3fc0ff1fa2.jpg

Serious little girl in the photo on the right - 13-year-old Frida Kahlo

Spain 98f88fdde8.jpg

left <. . / Infanta Maria Cristina and Beatriz
To the right:. 16-year-old Federico Garcia Lorca

Poland and Estonia 0266ce4b40.jpg

© /

Estonian school girls in the photo to the right as if to imitate the film "Roaring Twenties", trying to look grown-up "cool".

Greece and Cyprus 0c508346e6.jpg

Left:. a young Greek partisans Konstantinos Murikis < br>
right: Maria Christodoulou school

Hungary 45ec74fc7a.jpg


Austria and Luxembourg 1463243f62.jpg

left: Prince Ernst von House of Hohenberg, one of four children of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand .
To the right:. Princess Antonia of Luxembourg

India 8c8acde77d.jpg

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Australia and New Zealand a6769866c0.jpg

US 7e2f8a04a7.jpg

left: 16-year-old Walt Disney
right Oh bi-Kiowa

<. br> Belgium 2405912428.jpg

Brother and sister: Prince Leopold and Princess Marie José of Belgium

Netherlands c27251c99b.jpg

. Sweden and Finland c3d68136b8.jpg

In the photo on the left depicts Princess Ingrid of Sweden.

Russia b42e0153a6.jpg

France b1161eaaae.jpg

In the photo on the right - the young Rene Lacoste, tennis player and the future founder of the clothing brand

Philippines 439f9cdd4b.jpg


Italy 1ea2f72348.jpg

Photos on the preview: /

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