20 ideas for manicure special Valentine's day. Options for all tastes!

This festive manicure want to wear all February! Simple ideas I conquered: it is very easy to this beauty to decorate their nails. I prefer to do a manicure in the salon, but sometimes so eager to experiment ...

Here you can find cute ideas specially for the holiday of lovers. Choose what your heart desires, even for the most demanding there is a stunning picture with a heart! I really liked â„– 16.

Manicure for February 14
The bright varnish and a small sticker - everything you need to create such a nail design 41,335,658

Spring theme!

I do not like glitter, but this version is just wonderful ...

Classic drawing by 14 February.

Colored nails - forgotten trend that is catching on again.

Delicate and elegant manicure, perfect for publication.

Minimalistic, but still very cute design!

Tops hearts! The main thing - the right choice of contrasting colors.

Romantic manicure does not have to be red! I like this idea ...

Transparent heart attract attention.

Manicure Design in the style of wrapping paper: complement any outfit!

Black lacquer with sparkles - very solemnly.

Little heart, look good in any color!

Pink manicure, quite unbanal combined with white.

Simple and at the same time attractive figure.

Here is a manicure I did on holiday!

These nails will look great paired with a light, airy dress ...

Bright, memorable combination of colors! Warm shades always look better on nails.

The modest figure, which is very easy to make at home.

Manicure made by means of special labels. You can also create a luxurious drawing ...
At home

Now I know how a picture on the nails to complement your image in a wonderful holiday in February. I hope that you, too, liked the manicure design !

Love is composed of small, touching moments, from the little things, remember this ...


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