To search for the ninth planet of the solar system proposed to bring the probe New Horizons

The scientific community a few weeks ago was agitated news about the possible existence of a ninth planet in the solar system. This is the planet farthest from the Sun far beyond Pluto, and is many times greater than the size of the planetoid. However, while absolute certainty that the scientists of the existence of this planet do not have, although its presence beyond the orbit of Pluto and predicted mathematical calculations .

To search for and further study of this planet (assuming it really exists) scientists suggest using the probe New Horizons. Author offers - Italian scientist and astrophysicist Lorenzo Iorio. His article has laid out on resource ArXiv .

According to astrophysics, beyond Pluto can be found and other objects - like planets and planetoids. And you can find them using rf REX, available aboard New Horizons. Earlier this module is used to work on the study of Pluto and Charon. But it can also be used to track objects transplutonian.

If such a body is large enough, it will affect the trajectory New Horizons . Trajectory, in turn, can be measured with an accuracy of 10 meters by means of Rex. According to Iorio, the module is able to detect an object about the size of the stone from the earth at a distance of 100-200 AU If the object is larger, for example, the size of Jupiter, it can be tracked on a much more distant approaches to the Earth - a distance of about 10,000-20,000 AU With regard to the news about the new planet is predicted using a mathematical model of the object's size should be larger than the size of Earth, but smaller than Neptune's size. So, find it using the method proposed Iorio, is quite real. However, in this case the need to stabilize the trajectory of the machine, with its high positioning accuracy. This requires more fuel than it is now.

If New Horizons was equipped with a sensor module, the ability to perceive electromagnetic radiation, it would be possible to use this method and to detect new "inhabitants" of the solar system. But with the current technology is not yet possible. Now the machine is the next scientific mission - approaching asteroid 2014 MU from the Kuiper Belt. When approaching this subject the probe will begin a detailed study of the asteroid. But it will happen no earlier than 2019.

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