New Horizons began maneuvers to his next target


The study of the asteroid probe in the representation of the artist / NASA i>

Космическое Agency finally determined so a heavenly body probe New Horizons will study after Pluto and its satellites . Having made 22 October the first in a series of four maneuvers, the probe is sent to the object 2014 MU 69 sub> - small asteroids of Kuiper Belt.

The first maneuver New Horizons included manerovye motors 16 minutes, whereby its speed changed to 10 m / s. Seven hours after the maneuver, the operators in the control center have started to receive the data, confirming its success.

Interested scientists object is at a distance of about 44 AU from the Sun, it has a diameter of 45 km and the period of revolution around the sun about 293 years. After four maneuvers New Horizons will change its speed by a total of 57 m / s and arrive at your destination in January 2019.

After the landmark New Horizons flyby by Pluto, which resulted in the Earth received pictures of the object with unprecedented quality, passing and finished the era of the great astronomical discoveries, the scientists were several options for further use of the probe. Object 2014 MU 69 sub> was selected as the most well-positioned in terms of the possibilities for changing the trajectory of the probe, as well as the most typical for the bodies of the Kuiper Belt.

The following maneuvers are scheduled for 25 and 28 October, and November 4. A formal application for the study of this object will give the project team at NASA until early next year.

New Horizons (New Horizons) - automatic interplanetary station NASA launched the program "New Horizons» (New Frontiers) and intended primarily for the study of Pluto and its moon Charon natural. Starting Implemented January 19, 2006, a span of Jupiter in 2007, and Pluto - in 2015. Complete the mission of the project is designed for 15-17 years.



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