In Switzerland, a referendum will make the issue of unconditional income for all citizens

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The Federal Government of Switzerland планирует make the referendum question on the unconditional income for citizens. A referendum will be held in June, and the issue concerns all citizens without exception. It seems that the problem of unconditional income (DB) becomes the new trend of our time. This type of income is planned to enter, for example, in Finland, where the amount of payments of 800 euros. Not too much, but this amount covers the costs of citizens to life, so if you do not want to work, you can not do.

It would seem that if a person pays money, thanks to which he will not need, and then no one will work. But it is not - in the United States in 1970 conducted an experiment in which people were paid an annual income equal to the average income in the country. And people continued to work. However, they have looked for a job to their liking, without looking at wages.

In Switzerland, offered to pay more than Finland - not 800 per month per person, and about 2,200 euros (2,500 Swiss francs ). This payment will be made both to those who work and those who do not work (for various reasons). In addition, it is planned to pay the money and the children, in the amount of 625 Swiss francs per person. Such payments, according to the legislators, have to break the dependence of the type of work / size of income.

According to a survey Demoscope Institute before, the majority of Swiss citizens is going to continue to work, and after the start of benefits. So, apparently, the country will be left without workers.

On the financial side of things, the transfer of all on this type of income will cost the treasury 208 billion francs per year (just under 200 billion euros). 150 billion francs will come from taxes, plus another 55 billion to provide such an article, such as social insurance. It should be noted that the introduction of an unconditional income may cancel all social payments and benefits that were paid prior to entering the database.

The project has and opponents, both as part of the Left parties, and as part of the Right. Opponents of the database believe that the results of a survey by the Demoscope Institute did not meet reality. Also, one-third of the respondents of another survey (it was attended by 1076 people) believe that if the proposal is implemented, people will simply stop working. Another 56% of respondents believe that database - it's just an idea that will not be realized than ever. Will you work to get the database if you become in the amount of the average income of the citizens in their own country?
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