15 facts of psychology that explain much

They say someone else's soul - the darkness. This is so, but in the darkness, you can find a little bit of light, and as the fixtures perform the Site gathered facts from psychology. In the end, we are all humans, so - we have a lot in common!

1. When a group of people laughing, everyone instinctively looks at the man who it nicer all (or the one he wanted to be considered a close friend).

2. When you have to do something special responsibility and requires concentration, in short, what usually makes us nervous, it is worth trying to chew gum or eat anything. It is on a subconscious level is associated with a sense of security, because we usually eat when we are not threatened.

3. If we are angry with someone, and we at the same time manages to keep calm, then anger, probably will only worsen. Later, however, this man will be ashamed of their behavior.

4. If a question, the person responds only partially or too evasive, do not ask again. Better to just silently look into his eyes. It is likely to understand that the answer He did not satisfy the interlocutor, and will continue to talk.

5. expression, it turns out, can not only be the result of feelings, but also cause these same feelings. Feedback works almost flawlessly, so wishing to feel happy to be smiling as often as possible and wider.

6. It is better not to use in speech or writing phrases such as "I think" or "I think." They themselves are understood, however, give the words a shade of uncertainty.

7. Before an important interview is useful to imagine what connects us with the interviewer a long close friendship. from ourselves almost always depends on how to interpret the situation, and our peace of mind and ease can be transmitted to the other party.

8. If we are able to bring myself to sincerely rejoice when meeting with someone at the next meeting of this man, and he will be happy to see us (by the way, the dog is constantly doing a us this trick).

9. People tend to settle for less favor since denied us for more. That is: ask to do something difficult to fulfill, wait for the refusal, and let us know what the request is easier (what you actually want and) - to refuse a second time in a row to your friend will be very difficult.

10. A lot of useful information can be extracted, paying attention to the position of the legs of the interlocutor. If, for example, the socks in his shoes look away from you, it usually means that a person wants to quickly end the conversation.

11. Many of us are ever present at the meeting, in a situation where there is reason to expect a sharp and unpleasant criticism from anyone. In such circumstances, it is best to sit down with that person. Practice shows - it will lose its fervor and intent to attack, or at least it will be much softer.

12. Most people do not know a simple grandeur of confidence. If you learn all kind display confidence, people will be drawn to us.

13. Good advice for those working in the service sector: it is necessary to hang behind her mirror. People will behave in a much more correct, because nobody likes to see himself annoyed and angry.

14. Very good habit - to notice the color of the human eye when meeting. He unconsciously feels sympathy due to our little longer than usual, eye contact.

15. Going on a first date, it is not unreasonable to withdraw a partner in some fascinating place. Subsequently, the positive emotions from this meeting will be associated with us.

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