45 frivolous rules of Russian language

Frivolous spelling rules, which should be taken serezno.Sovremennye citizens are deeply indebted to the Russian language. Almost all make a variety of mistakes in writing and in speech, even those who have perfect knowledge of Russian is charged with duties: copywriters, accounts, PR-managers, journalists. And we are there, too, differ that much to be honest.

Spelling, syntax, punctuation and morphology - is not the most exciting thing in the world. But any, even the boring information can be easily and easy to master, if it is interesting and fun filed. In this material, collected 45 of the rules of the Russian language, which occurred just those errors referred to. And clearly, and fun.

1. The dash between subject and predicate, noun-verb - is not put.

2. Remember that in most cases a bunch of "how" can be eliminated.

3. If you want to use a verb, then it must be properly conjugate, and not as the author of want.

4. The passive voice should be normally avoid.

5. Do not forget about the letter "e", otherwise no different: mortality and deaths, the sky and the sky, a donkey and a donkey, perfect and perfect, anything and everything.

6. Who does not chёknuty and not of chyaschi vyshol correctly writes vowels after shypyaschih.

7. Blestnite nepoverhnosnym chustvom language when writing charges according unpronounceable.

8. It is necessary to come to an understanding that is written only "come».

9. Poobtershis offices in corridors, in the future we will be summarized and priydёm to the fact that in our texts will participate less and less surprising number of extra letters.

10. Soft mark in the indefinite form of the verb should be determined by the presence of it in the question to the verb, sometimes zabyvaetsya.

11. Do not put the two "no" in a row, if that is not necessary.

12. The word "no" does not have a form of change.

13. Without a half-floor litrovki Russia does not understand how to write complex names, nouns.

14. Check the proposal pronoun - a bad style, it is not for this.

15. Those who finishes the sentence pretext to send. Not for the sake of brutality, but to order.

16. Do not SHORT.!

17. Check the text and missed the extra words in the text.

18. With regard to the pending proposals.

19. If the incomplete design - bad.

20. No narcissistic Bank, its President and Chairman of the Board of Directors are not written with a capital letter.

Rule 21 states that "indirect speech in quotation marks are not taken».

22. Do not build puzzles dot at the end of a comprehensive proposal ...

23. One exclamation point is enough !!!

24. NEVER! do not give out! word. Man reading text highlighted, feels that his own understanding of the meaning of n e d in th e p i t.

25. Use parallel construction not only for verification, but to clarify.

26. Praviryayte dictionary napesanie words.

Numerals 27 to 10 inclusive, better to write words.

28. Vail numerals can be one hundred and twenty five ways, but only one of them is correct.

29. Apply the word at the destination, corresponding to a true comprehension.

30. week not divisible, and do not connect differently-native, and write something with a hyphen.

31. Misplaced analogy in the text looks like a coat, tucked into pants.

32. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.

33. Do not use a long word where you can apply neprodolzhitelnozvuchaschie.

34. lisping - fu bjaka. Leave it Lialechka, not great uncle.

35. Be more or less specific.

36. Emerson taught: "Do not quote. Report own thoughts ».

37. Who needs rhetorical questions?

38. The order of words does not change the style of speech?

39. Accidentally caused verse go astray attitude your readers.

40. Verse, where the rhyme is based on the verb, the first ever in the trash asks.

41. Life is truncated about his market: if you want to speak not weak - fasten in kind with the jargon.

42. Clarifications in brackets (though significant) are (usually) unnecessary.

43. Re-repeat all repeats cognates - this is a tautology - superfluous luxury.

44. If you want to be understood correctly, do not use foreign language and barbarisms. Fershteyn?

45. For the sake of representativeness be creative promoter native Russian synonyms for top ranking position preferences.

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