25 words that do not exist in the Russian language

Russian language - an incredible, because it can be a couple of words to convey a lot of meaning and emotion. Same-intensive within the meaning of the expression is in the other languages ​​of the world, describe the significance of which in Russian is impossible without a long and lengthy explanations.

To enable you to enrich your vocabulary, Website has selected 25 words that are not in Russian, but they would come in handy.

Areodyarekput (Inupiaq, one of the languages ​​of the Inuit) - "exchange wives for a few days." Bakkushan (Japanese) - "a girl who looks back smartly, but ugly is in the front." Shemomedzhamo (Georgia) - is that the food is so tasty and it is impossible to stop. In Georgia, it means "I accidentally ate it all." Ilunga (Luba, one of the languages ​​of the Congo) - "a person who is easy to forgive an insult for the first time, with a creak in the second and forgives absolutely never forgives the third." Karel (Tulu, one of the languages ​​of India) - "strips of skin left too tight clothing or elastic from his underpants." Klividzh (English) - "furrow in the neck or between the buttocks." Tsudoku (Japanese) - "buy the book, but not to read it until the end." Palegg (Norwegian) - the name of the sandwich, which is made of "all that was found in the fridge." buckets (Slovenian) - "shelter from the rain and wait for him to go on quietly." Kayakumama (Japanese) - "mother, who relentlessly pushes her children to progress." Pelinti (the language of the Republic of Ghana) - is that you dig into a delicious piece of something, and he is hot. Spit it out indecent. Here you opened your mouth, say something unintelligible. That's what exists in Ghana and the word. Layogenik (the language of the island of Java) - a word that describes a person who is very dear to you when he is somewhere far away, and when the next - you are absolutely indifferent. Kualunkuizmo (Italian) - the state, when you are so tired of what is going on in politics and society, you have no case to that. Mahzh (Persian) - "look great after diseases." Murrma (vagimansky, one of the languages ​​of the Australian Aborigines) - "grope for something at the bottom of their feet, standing in the water." Rhve (the language of Tonga, South Africa) - word for sleep in a drunken state in the clothes on the floor. lag (Swedish) - a condition where the "not too much and not too little, but a pinch of something is not enough." Nilentik (Indonesian) - "flip someone the finger in the ear." Panapoo (Hawaiian) - "scratched his head, remembering something." Sendula (Lund, one of the languages ​​of Zambia) - "bump in the woods on a dead animal and smeknut that a lion or a leopard, perhaps even somewhere nearby." Uitvaayen (Dutch) - "briefly to leave the city and go to the countryside to stay outdoors and enjoy the fresh air." Ulikkesbilen (Denmark) - "a car that always gets into an accident or breaks down." Vibafnout (Czech) - "unsuccessful attempt to scare someone jumped out of the corner." Boketti (Japanese) - "act of senseless and prolonged looking into the distance." Iktsuarpok (the Inuit language) - the word is a sense of expectation and excitement easy when you cook at home and wait for a guest or guests, and he / they do not go.

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