The critics could not distinguish the picture painted by a chimpanzee from the works of contemporary art

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For example, some may say that the picture painted by a chimpanzee inherent breadth of mind of the French artist Pierre Brasseur. It is unlikely that you will ever hear about this artist, primarily because it is not real.

Once the head of the Swedish journalist got the idea to apply for an exhibition of paintings by the famous avant-garde artist Pierre Brasseur. The exhibition was a great success, however, no Brasso in nature do not exist. All paintings are painted monkey chimpanzee.

The journalist wanted to test whether it is possible to fool the critics, saying that the submitted works - masterpieces "avant-garde". It worked. Renowned critic even said on one of the paintings, "Brasso draws strong, hard strokes, but is counting every stroke. His brush is dancing on the canvas with furious refinement. Brasso - artist, who plays with the delicacy of a ballet dancer. " When the deception was revealed, the critic was, to put it mildly, confused, and said that he still believes that the best painting in the exhibition. In the end, painted a picture of a monkey bought for $ 90 private collector.




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