City scavengers

One of the strangest parts of Cairo - a city of Medina Zebela or scavengers. This quarter at the foot of the mountain Mokattam consists of traditional building the poorer districts of Cairo - three nine-storey brick houses with unfinished upper floors. The same satellite antenna, the same street hookah ... That's just a lot of garbage. Garbage bags stacked multimeter pyramids along the streets, garbage bags littered all roofs, laid down alleys and stairways. It is played by children, adults dig it.
Rubbish - the basis of life of the district. Sort municipal waste - a job for zabalin (scavengers) that inhabit this quarter. In fact, this ownership Guild scavengers. It is home to those who have cars and cars that dumped here debris from around 15-million city. Its sorting and recycling is their bread.


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