25 terribly cute Halloween costumes especially for your pet.

Preparing for Halloween, we have sort out the options of dresses for themselves and their kids, but I hope you have not forgotten about the main member of your family - about her a pet? But I think about it in advance for you! In these elegant suits your pet will look at 100%! But do not make him wear what he does not like.

The kitten-bat

Photo: Imgur

horse skeleton

Photo: Facebook

Hedgehog vampire

Photo: Imgur

Dogs bearing gifts

Photo: BoingBoing

watchdog Cerberus

Photo: LifeSprinkles

Cat Lion

Photo: VeryBestHalloweenCostumeIdeas

Smart crab

Photo: FuckYeahDogsInDrag

Photo: DailyMail

Côte hound horse

Photo: Imgur

Cat Princess Leia

Photo: Imgur

M & M'S-pugs

Photo: Julija K.

This reduction

Photo: MaddieOnThings

guinea pig dressed as sushi

Photo: GuineaPigCages

Pug in rhodium Batman

Photo: Flickr

Turtle Shark

Photo: NYDailyNews

Three-headed dog, Fluffy

Photo: CollegeHumor

dog-house from the movie "Up!»

Photo: Brit.Co


Photo: Flickr

Côte Batman

Photo: Unknown

dog that ate a crocodile

Photo: Imgur

dogs heroes of "Harry Potter»

Photo: Flickr

Dog Dobby

Photo: Flickr

Guinea pig in the role of Freddy Krueger

Photo: Flickr

The dog of "Breaking Bad»

Photo: TechnologyTell

Sweet dog shark

Photo: Imgur

It's funny, I've picked up a couple of options for your dog. I think he likes it! Show these creative costumes animal lovers, so that they do not knowingly racked their brains over what to dress your pet for Halloween.

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