73 000 frames per second! That's what happens when a bullet flies out of the barrel of a gun ...

Just do not tell me you've never watched American popular science program "MythBusters" on the bold and daring guys that challenge entrenched social stereotypes and hunches! At least, you just heard of such a transfer, is not it? I do not know about you, but I fear as I love this informative TV show with an incredibly diverse and exciting plot.

At this time the brutal guys were able to capture on camera shot from a pistol. Thanks to high-speed shooting you can to the smallest detail to see what happens when a bullet wrapped in smoke comes out of the barrel of a gun. What is interesting - this camera is able to remove about 73 000 frames per second. I would say, an impressive ... Bang-bang, oh-oh-oh!

This is krutoten! Already heart skipped a beat. I still could not move ... Your friends just can not pass up this release deliver breathtaking "Mythbusters." Be sure to share with them this video.



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