Attackers can find your PIN in a few seconds

plastic card - an indispensable thing for the modern man. Now our money is always with us, and we do not need to bother with cash and are afraid of losing them. However, the ingenuity of hackers no end. What they just do not go to get a PIN-code of your credit card! But following the advice offered by the creator of the video, you can easily protect your plastic kartu.Na what you should pay attention to? The guy tells us about a new way by which the fraudsters can steal your PIN-code. This method is based on reading the heat waves that come out of your fingers in contact with the terminal. And if before the reader such waves had to have a video camera with infrared range, but now such function is present in any modern smartphone. What can you do to protect your plastic card? When you dial a code is enough to put your fingers of the other hand to the neighboring keys, thus introducing potential fraudsters to confusion. And, of course, if your PIN code - 1234 or 0000 - be sure to replace it!


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