How will the launch of the heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy?

The company SpaceX Elon Musk leaked online animation run its heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. Animation shows all the stages of the rocket launch, with the office at all levels, returning to the starting point.

It should be noted that the possibility of missiles really excellent: the low orbit Falcon Heavy will be able to bring about 53 tons of payload, and this at a discounted compared to other "transporters", postage kilogram payload.

In order to carry out the launch, the company needs to carefully prepare the whole system of complex LC-39. It also launched the rocket Saturn V, which is sent to the Moon "Apollo 11". Since power platforms were not used.

It is worth noting that earlier the company has already conducted a test launch of the Falcon 9, then, a few weeks ago, the stage of the rocket returned to the location of the launch, but soft landing to Unfortunately, it has not turned . However, the floating platform remained in operation, and after minor repairs it would be safe to operate.



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