«Dog Vogue» - project Sophie Gamand

With one of the projects Gamand Sophie, a French photographer who lives and works in New York, we are already familiar.

And this is another of her offspring - the project «Dog Vogue». Well, what can I say. Man is able to present the best dogs in the world. Stylish psinka look at us a little condescending. They are confident in their charming and fashionable appeal.

In New York, dog fashion - this is a serious and even a matter of principle. Designers compete, offering the most interesting costumes. "Mommy" dogs flaunt with their pets at social events and numerous events. Not so fundamentally, what you come, if your dog is not dressed properly. Sometimes on odezhki dog leaves as much money as she spends on herself.

I am fascinated by anthropomorphism and those with a sense of purpose annoying people dress dogs. This is a historic moment and the realities of our life, not just my epic zadumka.


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