The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world

Skaypark AJ Hackett Sochi - extreme entertainment complex at an altitude located in the Adler district of Sochi. The opening of the park adventure at the height held recently, in June 2014.

The main part of the complex structures skayparka AJ Hackett Sochi is a suspension bridge with a viewing platform from which we see the sea and the mountains. It is the longest suspension footbridge in the world with the largest system for Rope jumping. Unique in its size and architectural form of the draft stated in the Guinness World Records.

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1.Park being completed, but it is already functioning.

2.Most located in the valley in the direction of Krasnaya Polyana.

3. Type in the direction of Adler.


5. Before the bridge oragnizovan Center for bungee jumping.

6. From there, I jumped rope with a length of 67 meters!

7.Vyhodim the bridge.

8.Tuda and turns back to walk more than a kilometer.

9. Look down. Not fear?

10.Strahovochnaya mesh

11.Vniz falling more than 200 meters.

12. Recently, on September 5, opened up the possibility to jump down from the rope length of 207 meters!

13. The design holds eight cables, each of which is able to withstand such a bridge.

14. During the jumps do not smoke.))))

15.PR-manager Park Sky Park boasted that the bridge is able to withstand a load of 30 thousand people.

16.Tak! One way reached.


18.Proekt joint, Russian-New Zealand. The bridge itself was designed by the Russians, and the details for him to have made Energomash.


20. Type in the direction of Krasnaya Polyana.

21.Na this bridge is very useful to deal with the fear of heights.

22. Around beauty!



25.Vot here already operates bungee jumping 207 meters.





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