This is the first Soviet combat aircraft of the fourth generation, which is designed to intercept and destroy airborne targets at extremely low, low, medium and high altitudes, day and night, and adverse weather conditions, the application of the opponent of active and passive radar jammers, as well as false heat purposes.
Originally designed to intercept cruise missiles over the entire range of altitudes and speeds, as well as low-flying satellites.

June 27 at the Permian airbase "Falcon" in the Big Savino trained about ten MiG-31.

Technicians prepare to board the flight, but this time the parking lot after a training flight zarulivaet MiG-29 "Swifts».

What process occurs in the photo? This external power cables

Cab navigator

Climb back on the MiG.

In preparing the aircraft it may be simultaneously a dozen technicians, so that some bloggers will not affect the integrity of the board.

The main thing - do not get to where it is written, "Do not get up!»

Cyrus seized upon the aircraft and joy has no strength to rise.

Meanwhile, the other machines are ready to go.

COX past us.

The queue at the start.


One of the sides of the next day was officially awarded the title of "Great Perm." NATO, beware!

Big Savino airfield in Perm on the one hand the military, and on the other - a civilian.

Added in the June air roasted fresh stream.


Alternatively tried anti-wiring and that's what happened. In my opinion, the movement completely transferred.

A matrix is ​​time to clean ...

In the air at the same time there were eight boards, and only one day of summer at least nine - 06, 07, 09, 14, 16, 17, 24, 25, 26.

Some flew in pairs.

He sits down.

There is a contact. And the parachute on departure.

Zarulivat parking.

Meerkats at the ready.

Bottom view is better.

Pilot Signs flight mission.

Free until tomorrow.

The next day, MiG-31, have worked on the audience.

By evening, the audience was looking at near MiGs, but someone was not until the aircraft ...

Source: fotografersha.livejournal.com


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