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A little history of the dollar: At the beginning of the XVI century in the mountains of north-west Bohemia began to operate the mine for the extraction of silver. In the valley close to the mine was founded by the city of St. Joachimsthal (the name of the valley, hoist - German "valley"). Beginning in 1519 there began to mint a silver coin with the image of St. Joachim of the Roman Empire. The coin was called "ioahimstaler." Over time, it became known Thaler. Thaler has received wide circulation in Europe. In Sweden, "Daler" minted from 1534 in Denmark - a 1544-th. In England it was called Dallaire, then Dallara and finally dollar. During the reign of Spain on the sea, one of the most solid currencies in the world was the Spanish silver and gold doubloons Reais. They were also called in dollars (in Portugal - Dalar). The Bank of England kept a great number of them, seized as war booty or received in payment of debts, the English King George III ordered the use of Spanish Reais in circulation. Every real cost 1/8 pound was called piece of eight (one-eighth, ounces), that eventually turned into a "peso» (peso). The peso hit the North American colonies, where, like other large silver coins were also dollar-denominated. With them is connected with the emergence of the famous sign $. A long piece of eight English on paper turned into a crossed-eight, which eventually became the $. The basic design of the majority of dollar bills was approved in 1928. On the obverse portraits of dollars ... no, not just the president, but other US government officials. In addition to the 2 presidents denominations portraits of the founding fathers: the first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton's ten dollars and scientist, journalist, diplomat Benjamin Franklin on one hundred:

On the other side of the banknotes are placed images illustrating the history of the United States. $ 100 is Independence Hall, located in Philadelphia - the building where the Declaration of Independence was signed:

Among the remarkable, that is not visible to the naked eye, the first thing I found in this micro text USA100 characters denomination in the lower left corner:

Microtext THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA tucked away on the lapel of his coat Franklin:


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