Aircraft of World War II lifted from the bottom of the lake

A unique photo report picked up the aircraft during the Second World War from the date of the Lake in the Murmansk region. Today, restored and commemorative machinery is given in full order. Perhaps the most vivid and realistic monument to the Great Victory. We look at the revival of the downed plane in the continuation of the post!

Airplane air cylinders

Further, the plane must be cleaned of dirt and silt

Already a clean body

Everything starts to rust in the air instantly

After starting the loading

Further details are loaded onto trains and sent to Novosibirsk, to the factory,
where in the next few years, the aircraft will be restored to flying condition!

Then everything is cluttered with "muscles»

And because of the piles of scrap car gets familiar features

During this work the months and years to come!
Own work - the engine and flight units. Recovering from scratch.
Engine soaked in kerosene to separate the dirt. All items are changing and going.

Remember looked like the cabin after climbing?

The aircraft collected
And begin to roll out into the street to begin testing the engine and components.

Once everything is checked. The plane finally collected, painted and ready for its first flight.

And now, after years, the aircraft made a flight!
Acceleration aerodrome

He takes to the air

MiG stood on the wing!

This huge work of a few years. Amazing, painstaking and noble.


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