Gadetsky Oleg. Scenarios of life: how to understand yourself and others?

Understanding ourselves and understanding the other person - it is two great mysteries that we will solve all life. And how much we will be successful in this, our independent degree of satisfaction and realizovanna. In this training, you will get many clues to these mysteries, as well as the invaluable experience of their application. Working with disks, you can observe how the training participants are seeking a way to ourselves and learn to properly build relationships. Together with them, and you will be able to work with their difficult training situatsiyami.Veduschy Gadetsky Oleg does not promise you an easy and relaxed work. His training - it's always exciting action that leaves no one indifferent. You will need the utmost sincerity and honesty to oneself, as well as the willingness to step beyond their usual behaviors.


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