Pearl Harbor 69 years

On Tuesday, December 7 at the US celebrated 69 anniversary attack the Japanese fleet at the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. December 7, 1941, about 8:00 am Hawaiian time, Japanese fighters attacked a military base. The attack resulted in more than 2,400 Americans killed, five warships - sunk, and the United States became involved in World War II. To "Arizona" died in 1100 sailors. The ship is still lying at the bottom of the harbor. He is a reminder of the day that Franklin Roosevelt, then president of the United States, called the "day of the eternal shame." After nearly 70 years, was found with a preserved old camera film. Apparently the camera belonged to one of the sailors, who managed to film the attack. Let's see rare photos, which previously was not known.

Celebrating the anniversary of the US



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