Love Story. Luda and Alex. Moscow - Maldives (74 photos)

To quote the photographer: In July 2009, we managed to be one of the most romantic places on earth to shoot stunning wedding couple - Luda and Leschi. Remembering this trip, it seems that life is put on accelerated rewind mode: eventful shooting weddings Katya and Oleg, night duties suitcases, a couple of hours of sleep, 14 hours on the road, two days of shooting, again expensive and harmful the back to Moscow! With lots of beautiful memories and gigobaytami cards. Luda and Alex, we are happy that there was an opportunity to go through it all with you! I think, for you this is the most romantic adventure of a lifetime! It seems that nature has put on rewind the promised forecast, giving us the opportunity for two days to feel the grains of sand on a desert island in the storm and have time to enjoy the sunshine and turquoise water on your wedding day! Love works wonders ...

Pictures with their incredibly beautiful wedding here.


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