Drug war in Rio de Janeiro continues (52 photos)

Brazilian troops stormed the last redoubt of drug traffickers Rio de Janeiro - slums "Alemao».
More than 2, 6 thousand soldiers of the police special forces, marines and army commandos stormed the last redoubt of drug traffickers in the area of ​​Rio. An unprecedented police operation against bandits was launched on Thursday. Police special forces with technical support from the army and navy stormed one of the main centers of the drug mafia, a complex of favelas "Vila Cruzeiro" in the northern outskirts of Rio. Some bandits hid in a nearby complex "Alemao", which is also completely blocked by police and troops.

This house belongs to the drug baron Alexander Mendes da Silva. It is the slums of Alemao. A fresco of Justin Bieber is very unusual decoration in this place.



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