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Journalists of BBC BBC compiled a list of the most bizarre posthumous wishes of famous people.

Designer cylindrical packaging Pringles chips Frederic Bor also decided after the departure of the other world not to give up their child. He asked that after the cremation his ashes were buried in the invention of the package. Children Bora complied with the request of his father and bought a box directly on the way to the cemetery.

Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the group Sex Pistols, has asked to hold his funeral "moment of chaos" instead of mourning a minute of silence. His coffin, decorated with the words "Too prytok to live, too young to die," he drove a hearse drawn by four black horses. A funeral procession closed the bus that carried out included at full capacity, the song Sid Vicious' My Way ».

Rapper Tupac Shakur never hide his addiction to marijuana. After the death of the singer of his fellow rap gave him the last honors as failed. In the video, released earlier this year, members of the American rap group Young Outlawz told that Tupac's ashes mixed with marijuana and smoked the resulting mixture. In response, the attorney of the late rapper's family said it would not be so easy, as the remains of Tupac Shakur are under heavy guard.

The remains of Gene Roddenberry were launched in 1997 in space. It is a well-deserved tribute to the author of the science fiction television series "Star Trek» («Star Trek»). That he belongs to the phrase "boldly go where no man has gone before." During the "star" of funeral remains Roddenberi were sent into orbit along with the ashes of 22 other experts and fans of the cosmos, including Timothy Leary, who gave the world the psychedelic drug LSD. Their remains were circling around the planet until 2002, after which the capsule entered the Earth's atmosphere.

The remains of an American journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson shot out of a cannon. The request of the founder of gonzo journalism has fulfilled his friend, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. The gun was mounted on a specially constructed for this tower, decorated with the symbol of the Thompson style - red fist with two thumbs. By the way, gonzo journalism is characterized by deeply subjective narrative style, leading from the first person. In this style the best works were written by Thompson, including the book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Fear and Loathing: on the pre-election campaign in 1972».

The creator of Doritos chips Arch West died last weekend at the age of 97 years. At the request of the West when his coffin will be lowered into the grave, instead of the traditional rose petals showered his coffin will be no more than a crisp, glorified his name.

Eugene Shoemaker called the father of planetary science. He was one of three people who discovered the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. But the honor of being buried on the moon, he was awarded one. Part of the ashes of the scientist has been delivered to the satellite of the Earth in 1999, the unit "Lunar Prospector».

Frank Sinatra said goodbye to all the Catholic canons. However, the lush religious ceremony were other colors: in the coffin of the singer put a bottle of whiskey, lighter Zippo, and the dime - as reported, in case he needed to make an urgent call. His tombstone is decorated with an inscription: "All the best is yet to come».

Elizabeth Taylor was famous for numerous marriages, love of jewelry and impeccable style. At his own funeral, she, as befits a star of her rank, arrived late. Even before his death, Taylor requested that her funeral began 15 minutes later than it is announced.

Ashes geologaBrayana Tandy was converted into synthetic diamonds. From one of them, canary yellow, made a ring for the widow, and the remaining - rings daughters Tandy. The company LifeGem, which helps the families of the deceased not to part with their ashes here using such artificial gems, performed and such orders. One of her clients, officials say LifeGem, asked them to create a diamond with the hair of Michael Jackson.

Socialite Sandra West, inherited millions of her husband, oil tycoon, demanded to be buried in a lace nightgown. But that was not all. We had to sit in the front seat Sandra her favorite blue "Ferrari". Dying wish of Mrs. West was the cause of many trials. Sandra's brother, who threatened the loss of almost 200 thousand dollars in the case of non-compliance of its orders, tried to obtain invalidation of the document. After two months of hearings, the judge decided to fulfill all the wishes of the deceased. In the end, the corpse was dressed in lacy underwear and put behind the wheel of your favorite car, which was then buried in a huge box in the cemetery of San Antonio.


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