Drunk singer Vitas had an accident

May 10 Singer Vitas was in a very unpleasant situation in which he was to blame. By car the singer has managed to bring down the cyclist, and at the time of the accident Vitas was in a state of extreme intoxication. Read more and watch a movie three below.

It happened on the territory of the Exhibition Center in Moscow. 28-year-old cyclist Olga Kholodov not hit hard, and escaped with bruises, and the owner of the vehicle Mercedes, which drove the singer said that the claims are not allowed, but Vitas refused to be tested for alcohol (although video captured casual witness, it is clear that he barely standing on his feet), so that he in any way threatened deprivation of rights for a period of 1, 5-2 years and an administrative fine. But for the fact that he threatened the victim with a pistol, the singer seems to be nothing, since It turned out to be a toy gun. Generally, of course, resent not only the fact that a person in this state got behind the wheel, and also the fact that in his car when it was a child ... Video captured by an eyewitness - continue.



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